Life Assurance

Life assurance today is an essential must-have to secure the future of your family if the unexpected happens. There are several types of life assurance product available with many options. Sometimes those options can be quite daunting but at Dewar & Partners we are on hand to sit down with you and discuss all your requirements and needs. This advice may prove invaluable when protecting the important things in your life.

We can help you deal with the ‘what ifs’ in life such as illness, injury or even death. By thinking about these things you can plan ahead giving you peace of mind that you and your family will be looked after financially should anything happen.

It’s not something anyone likes to think about, but what would happen if you became ill and could no longer work? What would happen if you had to take time off to recover? How would you and your family cope financially? Critical Illness Cover can help.

  • Critical Illness Cover pays out a cash sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses specified during the term of the policy.
  • You can take out Critical Illness with Life Cover, which means you would also be covered should you die or be diagnosed with a terminal illness during the term of the policy.

It is also important to consider your budget when arranging life assurance, to make sure the policy is right for your needs and affordable over the longer term.


Life Assurance FAQs

Life Assurance FAQs

Life assurance helps to protect your loved ones financially in the event of your death. You choose the amount of cover you need and the length of time you want to be insured for. Your policy is designed to pay out your chosen amount of cover if you die during the term of the policy.

Term assurance – designed to help make sure your family are financially protected if you die during the length of your policy. A cash sum could be paid out and used by your loved ones to help with everyday living expenses, child-costs or help to pay the mortgage.

Decreasing term assurance – designed to help protect a repayment mortgage as the amount of cover – reduces approximately in line with the way a repayment mortgage decreases.

You must be a UK resident and at least 18 years old at the time of applying.

Life assurance premiums can cost as little as £6 per month, that’s the equivalent of just 20p a day. Your individual premium will depend on your own needs and circumstances.

It depends on your individual circumstances. You may want to think about leaving a lump sum to your dependants or help clear an outstanding mortgage on your death. If you’d like more help speak to your Dewar & Partners financial adviser.

Yes, you can add Critical Illness Cover at an additional cost when you take out life insurance.

With medical advances meaning that many serious illnesses are not proving fatal, they can still have a major impact on your life and on your ability to earn a living.

Critical Illness Cover could help reduce the financial impact of a serious illness by helping with practicalities such as helping to pay off your mortgage and helping to pay any bills, allowing you the time to recover.

Terminal Illness Cover is included on our policies at no extra cost (minimum term of two years). It could pay out your chosen amount of cover if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a life expectancy of 12 months or less, rather than on death. Providing financial support at a time when it could be needed the most.

Critical Illness Cover is available when you buy your life insurance at an additional cost. It’s designed to pay out your chosen amount of cover if you’re diagnosed with one of our specified critical illnesses during the length of your policy.